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NFL is one of the watched leagues in the US. Nowadays, you can watch the games even without a cable TV subscription. There are very many options for NFL live stream. NFL games are played in different days of the week. It is important to know the places where you can watch some of the matches if not all, online without the need for a cable. There are several legal options that you can go for and in which you can watch the games by day.

nfl live stream

Watch NFL Live Stream Online without Cable

If you want to watch the NFL live right from your favorite device, you should take a look at our incredible list of options. We have compiled the best method that you can consider

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fuboTV is another great and interesting way to catch all the NFL action live. It is also upgrading and recently it announced to add CBS on some select market which will offer fans with a wide coverage of NFL action. When this feature will be integrated, then football fans can capture all the actions live from any area. With this, you can watch NFL live without a cable. It also offers both FOX and NBC which are usually crucial in airing Sunday football games. With this TV, then you will be able to get all the Sunday action. You can even watch multiple games if you have two screens through these channels. You can take advantage of the inclusion of the both FOX and NBC to watch all the games. However, they are usually offered in select areas depending on your market.

The good part and the reason why fuboTV is nice is that, it allows you to authenticate the FOX Sports Go App and the NBC sports app. This offers live coverage for all the matches. Again also, if you have these apps, then you can watch games form any device. If you have the app installed in your mobile phone or tablet, for example, then you can catch all the action at your own convenience. The apps thus allow one to get live coverage of all the action. The app inclusion is also good news to football fans. To watch the games, the area you are residing doesn’t matter. Even when you live in an area not covered by fuboTV, you can use these apps to watch the games. CBS feature once added will also ensure give people the multiple options to stream NFL live without the use of cables. fuboTV is actually one of the cheapest ways to stream NFL games. With only a subscription of $35 per month, then you can watch all the games. New customers also have a chance to enjoy themselves for free. Once you have it, then you can get a 7 day free trial and watch all the games.


This was lunched recently and is one of the amazing places to watch the games. You can stream Monday night games here. It allows NFL fans watch the games without the need for a cable. It also gives fans a free 7 day trial just to see how amazing it is. The games are also displayed at high quality and anyone will enjoy watching them. It also includes very many channels that show the games live. ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 usually host all Monday night Football games every week. Here, you will get very many options that you catch all the Monday football actions live. The package also has other channels that you can watch football games online.

This includes FOX and NBC which are usually useful for Sunday games. Through this, you will also watch all the Thursday action live. The base package is also cheap and you will only pay $35 per month. It includes the above channels and with it, then you will catch all the NFL football games. You will also get free streaming devices if you are a prepay customer. DIRECTV is also compatible with all devices. Whether you want to you watch you games via you laptop, Desktop computer or via the web with any device, then it has everything you need just to ensure that you remain entertained. The subscription is also little and anyone can afford it.

Sling TV

​You can even get a package that has over sixty channels and ensure that every NFL live action is covered. With Sling TV, you don’t have to hear of NFL game results from friend or read the news via the internet. Free streaming is a good way to save your money while at the same time catching the action as it happens. Here, you will also get the NFL pre match and post-match analysis that you have been craving for from ESPN. Monday night action is one of the most watched games in the world. NFL live streaming will make sure that none of this action passes you. You will also get a chance to catch the NFL Draft live stream.

Sling TV is another option to watch NFL online. Here, you will stream all the games that you want. You can actually catch all the weeks NFL football games without a cable TV. Whether you want to watch Monday, Thursday or even Sunday games, Sling TV offers NFL live streaming and ensures that every fan doesn’t miss any game. Good news is that you can watch it via your mobile devices. You can use you phone device, tablet, your laptop or whatever device that can connect to the internet. Depending on your market, then you will watch Monday games, Thursday, Sunday or all the games through your TV. Most games are aired by ESPN which is found here but the sweet news is that you will not need any cable. If you are tired of having cables hanging on your beautiful home, then Sling TV gives a cheaper and affordable option.

Through sling TV, you can catch popular cable channels through the internet thorough your phone or tablet at only $20 per month. In some of the packages, FOX and NBC are also covered which ensures that you have unlimited options for the games that you can watch. However, you can catch the live action by streaming it in your TV. You can get your NFL live stream through your Sling TV. Sling TV is one of the cheapest places where you can catch all the NFL live action. You don’t any cable connection and the only thing you will need is just to stream live.

CBS All Access

Here, you can watch all the Thursday games as some Sunday afternoon games. With CBS all access, and then you are sure that you will never miss any action that pertains NFL. Some time ago, it was hard to watch NFL matches without cable. This is good news to cord cutters as CBS All Access has everything you need to not use a cable. CBS All Access is the online streaming service provided by CBS. Fans used to struggle a lot when they wanted to watch NFL games via CBS without cable. CBS then went ahead to announce the CBS All Access which allows anyone to stream the matches online. For sure, if game is aired on CBS in your area, then you will be able to watch that game for free and by streaming through CBS All Access. This also ensures that you do not get any difficulties when watching your game. This way, AFC fans have a chance to watch Thursday games which are usually aired on CBS.

CBS All Access is also live in some select areas. The best part of it is that, it is growing rapidly. Within a short period of time, then it will cover almost all the areas and fans can enjoy NFL live stream for free from any part. There are also some mobile viewing restrictions though this doesn’t limit the extend in which you can enjoy watching a game. CBS All access is not just for football. When there is no game to stream, then you can get access to other TV shows that show on CBS. This means that CBS All Access will live you just entertained. It is also to note that CBS All Access is also very cheap. At $5.99 a month, then you can get entertained all day by live streaming. You can also get a 7 day free trial version just to feel how good it is. With little subscription, then you can watch all the NFL games live without the need for a cable.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is another great way to watch NFL live without any cables. It is usually quite hard to get NFL games aired direct and Game Pass is a great way to capture games on replays right after they have been played. You do not need any cable whatsoever to stream the games. Through NFL Game Pass, you watch the games on the same day that they are aired. You are therefore, never late for the action. It also includes all 256 regular games for the whole season. Through this channel, you will also be able to watch all the games that have been played since 2009. Fans always crave to watch past games that were played. They never know exactly where to watch the games. However, with NFL Game Pass, you will be able to watch all the past games by streaming through NFL Game Pass.

Therefore, if you missed a certain game earlier then you can watch it here. It also favorite for those that have not time to watch the games as they are being aired. Those who will find time to watch a match later in the day. When the season ends and you just want to watch NFL football, then you can rely on NFL Game Pass. Here, you will be able to stream all previous games online. It is also very cheap and also comes with 7 day free trial.

Watch NFL Live Free Stream on Any Mobile Device With Verizon Wireless

This is one way to catch all the NFL games live by just streaming. With your device, you can stream all the games that you want to. Verizon Wireless customers are very lucky as they can watch all the games. You can watch local Thursday games. You can also watch Sunday and catch all the Monday action via your device. However, Verizon wireless will only work on your mobile devices not on your TV. However, with any mobile device whether a phone or a Tablet, you can catch all the actions. All you will need is to download the app and then enjoy all the games. You will need to download the NFL Mobile app and then install it on your phone. Follow the instruction and connect to the internet to watch all the games. The NFL app is also very to use and you will not be stuck trying to click through pages. Through this app, you will be sure to get all the actions from the moment the game kicks off.

NFL live stream will also not work in a computer but only your mobile device. Actually, this is the perfect way for those who love traveling to watch a game. Traveling people and busy people never get the time to go home and a watch their favorite teams. However, with Verizon wireless, then you can watch the games even from your job area. Its ability to be played on mobile devices is also good news to those that want to catch all the NFL actions from day one to the last day. Even when you are going for mountain climbing or a stag event, then you can still watch it through your mobile devices. It’s carried everywhere that means that you will watch the games from anywhere. Verizon Wireless is also cheap. Anyone can afford it. All you need to do is to become a Verizon Wireless customer then you can enjoy watching the game. Don’t miss any action if you have a mobile device and are subscribed to the Verizon wireless.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is the best for streaming games online. It has the local FOX, CBS and NBC stations that usually show most NFL games. With this TV, you will be able to watch all the NFL games online and live without the use of a cable. It also comes with ESPN channel. This way, you can catch all the Monday games online. Monday games are some of the most watched games and you cannot afford to miss the party. Hulu Subscription will only cost you $40 a month which is affordable to any fan that loves NFL. You will also get the on demand Hulu library for only $7.99. Hulu caters for all types of fans. Should be a travelling fan or just anyone that loves staying indoors. You can stream the games online from your mobile device, tablet or with your laptop at home. You can also watch it using your home TV. Hulu live TV has very many services which include apps for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, iPhones and Android devices.

Play Station Vue

This one offers local NBC, FOX and CBS in certain select market. The entry level is only $45 which is quite cheap. You will also get ESPN which is crucial for Monday NFL games. You also get over 48 channels and which lets you enjoy other TV shows all at the same time. When there is no any NFL match, then you can watch other TV shows. Play Station Vue also has Cloud DVR. It also works on most live streaming devices which include Roku and Fire TV.

​YouTube TV

Of course, YouTube TV must be in this list. It offers several channels that you can watch all the games through. You will find local NBC, FOX as well as CBS. It also comes with ESPN at only $40 per month. With this TV, then you can get all the actions at your own convenience. There are also very many sports channels like the FS1 and FS2. NBCSN also comes in the mix. To be precise, YouTube TV comes with very many channels and of course, you don’t need a cable to stream NFL online. All you will need is your TV or your mobile device. YouTube TV works on most online streaming devices. You can have it in your Android TV, Apple TV or the Roku. You will also get a free 7 day trial and enjoy the benefits. YouTube TV also displays HD images and pictures and cannot be compared to cable devices.

Watch NFL Games Live with Antenna

A TV antenna is another way to watch NFL live from your TV. An antenna is just a onetime investment and you will never need to go to the market again. If you buy an antenna and keep it at the right direction, then you can catch the action live as it happens. You also enjoy NFL live stream free without paying anything at the end of the month. Some of the channels you will get include FOX, NBC and CBS will be yours for free for life. You will never need any more subscriptions. With a good antenna, you will be sure to get high definition digital signal at 1080 or 720 Pixels. The quality of the pictures is way too better than the one for cable TVs. This is because cable TVs have to compress the images in a cable which reduces the quality of the pictures.

Antennas also have another amazing feature. You can record any game when being played. Want to watch a derby later in the week? Then you can record the game and watch it at any time using the recording features available.

How to Watch NFL Online From UK

If you live in the UK, then you can also watch NFL online without the need for a cable. You can stream the games live as they play and even watch multiple games at once. NOW TV enables UK residents to watch these games. You will be able to stream, Thursday games, Sunday Games as well catch all the Monday action live. You will also be able to watch all the playoffs, Super Bowl and also the Pro Bowl. If you want to watch all season games, then the month pass will bring to you all the actions.

​How Can I Watch NFL Online Outside the US?

If you live outside the US, then you can also catch all the NFL live. You can watch it through the NFL Game Pass Intl. This is a great opportunity for the fans that live outside the US. NFL Game Pass allows fans outside the states to watch NFL games at High Definition. It also offers DVR and on demand options. NFL Game Pass Intl also gives you the chance to watch four games at once. Therefore, if at any case there are multiple games being played, then you can catch them from the NFL Game Pass. With this option, then you don’t have to learn the results of a match from the internet. Just subscribe and stream NFL games for free.

Very many people always ask which is the better option. Watching via cable or the streaming but the quality of images you get from both will tell you which one to use. Live streaming through any channel offers the most clear and high definition pictures. Watching through a cable TV can be quite challenging especially if you love technology. However, in a world where technology is controlling almost every field, then why should you use traditional ways to watch a game. Live streaming is both cheap and fast after all. As seen, there are very many options that you can use for live streaming. Some of them like watching through an Antenna are free. Once you have it, then you get access to several channels that bring all the actions to you. If you are not in the US, then there are also the options that you can use to ensure that you capture the action live.

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