Steelers vs Browns Live stream: Start time, TV info and Game Preview

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steelers vs browns live stream

Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns
Time: 1:00 PM. ET.
Date: Sunday on 9th September 2018
Live Stream: Watch Here
Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland.

Steelers vs Browns Game Preview

At FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH, the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet the Cleveland Browns on the Sunday 9th September at 1:00 pm ET.

Despite the 0-16 record set in 2017 by Cleveland Browns, there are still high hopes that things will change in this season. The Brown fans are more than excited and expecting the competitive team at work. This team can even contend for a spot in the AFC playoffs. The Cleveland’s optimism is usually shared through FOX Sport’s Colin Cowherd. Colin Cowherd was recorded recently sating that the Browns have the most improved roster in the NFL.

The Browns through the off-season have been able to make some acquisitions. These includes a veteran quarterback, Tyrod Taylor. He was acquired alongside rookies Baker Mayfield and also Bradley Chubb. Taylor is quite a name in the history of this American football. In 2015 for instance, he compiled a winning record in the season.

The Browns, however, have a very great optimism which is certainly warranted. Since they returned to the NFL in the year 1999through a 6-33 against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has been placed in a very safe zone. It was a six-game winning streak which is over the Browns.

To win in 2018 it will not be a walk in the park. The Browns, however, have a very tough games mix. They have the five toughest schedule matches based on the 2017 records. Before getting to week 11, the performance would be based in 2017. This match will mark 16th times in the next 20 seasons. They will now meet since 1999. In a release, coach Hue Jackson said that “we like to open at home in from of great fans and this will be the second season in a row doing it against the sticklers. We start with the best in our division.”

The Steelers offense for the first time since 2011 had veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will get to work with the different coordinator. There is quite a challenge in the offense. The relationship between Roethlisberger and Todd Haley was well documented and it is now in a division with the rivals in this seasons games, the Browns. Randy Fichtner had previously served a Roethlisberger quarterback coach is now in the different team. He will be calling plays for the first time since 20 at the University of Memphis.

Pittsburgh is however ranked in the third position to the total offense and right position in the scoring offense on the last season. This is a good production standpoint as they get to the next season.

The Browns are as well very ready for this season. Greg Williams, the defensive coordinator will be presiding over the Cleveland defense. The defense finished in the 14th position in the previous season.

Todd Haley has been appointed as offensive coordinator for the Browns after Haley’s contract not being renewed by Steelers. This was due to the Pittsburgh disappointing finish of the last 2017 season. The Browns have received Haley with open arms having previously helped the Cardinals come to within a few plays of upsetting Pittsburgh a decade ago in the Super Bowl XLIII.

How to Watch Steelers vs Browns without Cable

1. Watching over the air broadcasts
Most local NFL games will be broadcast over the air, in the HD and in the network channels like ABC, CBS or through FOX. You just need an indoor or an outdoor antenna to pick up the games. The channels that you will access however are limited to your geographical location, just like in the cabled TVs.

2. NFL Game Pass
This is one of the best ways to catch NFL football without cable. With the Game Pass, you can watch all the regular season games and other extra entertainment channels. You can either get the package on a 7-day free trial or get a subscription for only $99 for a season.

3. Sling TV
This one comes with s cloud DVHR offer different packages depending on the number of channels you want. You a chance to watch the Sunday, Monday and Thursday Night Football. Monday night football, Orange package is a one-day subscription where you get more than 20 channels a month.

4. DirecTV Now
With DirecTV Now, you get ESPN, ABC, FOX, and NBC. You can, therefore, watch the Sunday, Monday, Thursday football under a $35 monthly package. This is the hottest streaming service in the market.

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Steelers vs Browns Game Prediction

Since 204, Cleveland Browns have not won any opening day. The Pittsburgh now look into having another playoff caliber team going into 2018. They will have to get Le’Veon back at the beginning of the season and remember they still have the Roethlisberger as the franchise quarterback. Their offense, however, needs to their strength and the defense ought to rise back to the level they were operating in in the previous season.
The season will begin between the Steelers and the browns, bearing in mind the Browns haven’t won in years. As much as the Steelers can be sluggish at the beginning of the game, they should be in a position to take care of their business.

James Jones and Maurice Jones in their segment, ‘Why your team will make to the playoffs’, the two NFL players have picked the winners and the losers of each Pittsburgh Steelers game in the season. A prediction between the teams was that Pittsburgh loses to the Browns in the week 1. In week 8, they even predict that Steelers would drop their second matchup of the season against Cleveland.

A team that has won only one game in two years has lost six in a row to Pittsburgh Steelers. It has gone to 3-18 against the Steelers. Since Mike Tomlin become the head in 2007, there is the possibility of winning two games in the same season against the Steelers. The Browns tasted this in their last time being in 1988. This was the year after Steelers went 5-11 and posted a very poor record the team ever had in 1969.

The game prediction will, therefore, be a win to the Browns.

To wind up…

The Steelers have all the right pieces to pile up points and maneuver through the regular season on the way to another AFC North title. Remember they are a Super Bowl contender and will have to clear the necessary handles to get there. Brown shaving made a long of game change since last season is therefore not to be ignored. Despite their previous performance, they are likely to shoot in this season.

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